Frequently Asked Questions

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What materials are used in your system?

All of the components are manufactured from aluminum. Fasteners are stainless steel screws. Aluminum can be safely used in contact with lumber treated with micronized copper wood preservatives and we use only this in our installations. Furthermore, our under deck system does not attach to the existing deck structure, but to a new structure attached to the existing band boards. So your deck being built with older, more corrosive treated wood is not an issue. There is no contact with your existing deck.

How long does a typical installation take?

A simple rectangular deck will take one to two working days to install.

Do under deck ceilings require maintenance?

Our system does not depend on the levelness of the deck above. The flow of water is unimpeded by any hardware that suspends the Underdeck System.

Does my under deck ceiling need to be ventilated?

Our system does not hold water and will dry out between showers without additional ventilation. But we do offer ventilation to ease the mind upon request.

Suppose I need to get into the space above the ceiling, how difficult is that?

Any panel that is not attached to a ceiling fan or other through fixture can be easily removed.

See video #5: Removing And Replacing Panels

What colors are available?

We offer 25 solid colors.

How much of my headroom will the system use?

The ceiling requires 3-5 inches clearance below the lowest point on the deck above.

Will stains or paint applied to my deck damage the system?

No. Of the paints or stains we have investigated, most are harmless to aluminum. However, you should always read the paint or stain manufacturer’s literature.

Can ceiling fans and swings be attached to the under deck?

Definitely – Ceiling fans, swings, speakers, can lights, and other lights are routinely mounted to our system.

Does the System offer a warranty?

We offer a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Can I buy the material and install the ceiling myself?

Yes! Please send us drawing and shipping info via our Contact Us page.

What is included with a system?

Every quote includes the under deck, gutter system, and downspouts.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $6.50 per square foot.  Send measurements and shipping address for pricing via our contact us page.

Do you offer lighting?

Yes, we offer an easy to use recessed light. Watch installation video.

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